At the end of the 1960’s, Attilio Borgna began working in a small glass processing workshop. With entrepreneurial spirit and foresight, it led him
to collaborate with the industrial world resulting in the birth of an important legacy in the production and transformation of glass in Cuneo.

Attilio moved his focus towards the industrial glass transformation for application in the household appliance sector. Borghi, Zanussi, and Merloni, in those years, made Italy the main producer of white home appliances.

Borgna, follows and anticipates the industrial development and in a short amount of time becomes the main developer for the industrial tempered glass and for household appliances in Italy.

With constant technological development, Borgna continues to grow with technical, aesthetic and organized innovations. From the end of the 1990’s development of curved temper technology begins. Technique and aesthetics are the main aspects for which Borgna faces the most demanding market; such as the household appliances (ovens door, control panels, kitchen hoods and cooktops) and commercial refrigeration (curved, insulators, heating and encapsulated glass).

The development and importance of aesthetics that glass can guarantee is certainly not ignored by BORGNA which in the 2000’s integrate Antique Mirror, this company located in Siena, with more than 50 years of experience and craftsmanship in the creation of decorative and antique mirrors.

BORGNA’s family continues with, their family activity rooted in the Italian soil to export their skills in other countries, both in the large industrial cooperations, with which they have been working for more than half a century, and to the final customer who is always increasingly careful about choosing niche and quality products.



BORGNA today works in the market of glass transformation for industrial appliances for three main markets, HOME, COOL and MOBILE.

Borgna claims to work with big and well-known brands used to high quality standards, latest technical achievements and top service.

The company with its autonomy and family management gives them the strength to guarantee flexibility and service to their customers.


Borgna Glass has its operational and production center in the North-West of Italy, with two modern facilities covering a total of 40,000 m2 of industrial buildings.
Both the plants have been designed, created and built for a perfect optimization of the workflow in glass processing.

Borgna Vetri has provided itself with the latest generation glass processing machines, including 5 tempering furnaces, both flat and curved (cylindrical and/or spherical), 15 numerical controls panels, integrated grinding lines, drilling and printing machines, automatic lines for the production of isolating glass units, double and or triple with or without insulating gas. Lamination line for glass stratification with PVB, EVA and 6 encapsulation presses for glass coinjection.
Departments dedicated to the assembly of glass with electronic components.


Experience has taught us the importance of a continuous and constant research.
Our R&D section collaborates with research centers to provide innovative and perfectly combined solutions.
We have developed a new highly performing low-e glass, which is able to drastically reduce the external temperature of the ovens door and consequently reducing the consumption of C02.
Borgna is also the only company that produces 6mm tempered glass curved 90 ° with an internal radius of 14mm.


Thanks to a consultancy and assistance network integrated by certified quality partners, Borgna Glass products can be found in all of the most important international markets.


For Borgna quality is the most important aspect: from the raw material to the assistance.
Our products are designed and tested in each and every step of the way with our customers; even after the sale, the quality research improvement continues.


Maximum quality of the company’s production processes is guaranteed by the Corporate Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001.
Borgna Glass also holds ECR43 product certification and DIN6701 certification in acquirement. Silver medal Ecovadis.


We are an eco-friendly company, thanks to our photovoltaic system (1M), water recycle system and recycled glass system. Borgna commitment is towards the environment as well as to the production processes, but above all is concentrated on the research of products that are energy saving.